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Made redundant during COVID 19? Here are some tips to help you get through

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It’s fair to say last few months have been pretty tough, as the inevitable plethora of calls started to come in from worried individuals within the C&P sector who had unfortunately found themselves made redundant, stood down on a temporary basis, or convinced that the latter was only days away. 

I’m sure that many of you have never found yourself in this position before, so in the absence of been able to offer a quick solution I thought it may be of use to offer some tips to get you through.

First things first – there is help out there

The government are doing a fantastic job of supporting those out there who are also in your situation (you’re not alone!). I’ve found that this website offers a really easy and clear breakdown of what help is out there and what you may be entitled to.


Remember, this is only temporary. All conversations that we are having as a business, with our clients across the entire construction and property sector – from investment funds to developers, design consultants and FM’s, is that this not long term, this is temporary, and the construction industry will be the first to bounce back….. and when it does, boy will it bounce back. 

So whilst there may not be many immediate and permanent opportunities out there for you, the best thing you can do is take advantage of the situation. Take some time for your family, and your mental health! When else are you going to get the opportunity to get some no strings attached, free time with your family? Been meaning to read that book that’s been gathering dust? Do it! Always fancied yourself as a yogi but never had time? Go for it! 

Level Up!

This could also be the perfect time to up skill, whether that’s doing an online course in Revit MEP, brushing up on the new Section J standards, preparing your applications for CPEng Chartership or NFPAS, or dabbling in some C# coding.

Research the market and take some time to reflect

As difficult as it may be, avoid the temptation to rush out into the job market unprepared. Give yourself time before contacting your networks to decide what you want to do next and to help ensure you can identify and articulate your values succinctly. This may be that opportunity you’ve been looking for to try something a little different (i.e step into a contractor, client side etc). 

Research the market, and make a list of companies that look to be attractive and line up with your values. This will help you be more targeted with your search, and avoid needless ‘spamming’ of your CV. 

If you do decide to seek assistance from a recruitment consultant, take some time to shop around to find a consultant who wants to understand your motivators, values and skill set, knows their market well, and wants to work for YOU. Make sure that they take the time to talk to you about the process that they will follow, and a step by step action plan. 

Update your CV 

The time will come where you will need to update your CV. It is important this is concise, but not too brief, and clearly shows your skills, experience and values, without information overload. Head over to our Job Seekers Advice page for further tips!

Brush up on your interview skills 

With both clients and candidates working remotely, job interviews via video conferencing platforms are now the new ‘normal.’ For further tips on preparing for interviews, head over to our Job Seekers Advice page!

If you would like any advice on what is going on out there in the building services market at the moment, or would like some no strings attached advice on your CV or job search feel free to give me a call on 0407719874

Keep safe!​