• Hugo Murray
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    Jack worked tirelessly to find the right candidate for a hard to fill role. Jack spent the time understanding our needs, our culture and our vision. His approach was meticulous, ethical and gave us comfort that we were receiving the best fit for our company.

    Hugo Murray

    Director , Lucid Consulting

  • Paul Jacobson
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    Jack is great to work with!

    Paul Jacobson

    Managing Principal , Integral Group

  • Linde Ryckeboer
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    ​Nothing but good to say about my experience with Jack. He followed up regularly and was very friendly & honest with his thoughts and feedback. He obviously knows exactly what's going on in the industry.

    Linde Ryckeboer

    National Digital Engineering Lead , BESIX Watpac

  • JiaLiang (Bonnie) Lao
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    ​Jack is the best recruiter. He helped me a lot. He is so efficiency spend only one day since he saw my CV to arrange four interviews for me. He helped to prepare for interview carefully and response quickly after every interview. It's amazing I successfully got offer in such a short time. He is the best!

    JiaLiang (Bonnie) Lao

    Hydraulic & Fire Design Engineer , ACOR

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    ​Jack has excellent industry networks and is knowledgeable in the building services market. He was always helpful and provided great advices during the recruitment process. It was a great pleasure working with Jack and I would highly recommend him.

    Michael Lee

    Senior Electrical Design Engineer , Fredon

  • Gina Kim
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    ​Jack is a very professional and efficient recruiter with outstanding communication skill and personality. He perfectly understand needs of company and candidate and match the best position .Working with Jack was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend Jack!

    Gina Kim

    Mechanical Engineer , University of Sydney

  • Matthew Savonije
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    ​Jack was very helpful in finding my new role which I am very happy in. He was super communicative throughout the process. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and I highly recommend him!

    Matthew Savonije

    Hydraulic Design Engineer , Sparks & Partners

  • Pari Pathak
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    ​Jack is great to work with. As I was moving from New Zealand, I didn't have much knowledge of the Australian industry. Jack was good with providing options for a variety of firms including backgrounds, type of work etc. This was very helpful when I interviewed & finally decided the firm to go with. Although Jack is NSW based, he helped me secure a position in Victoria by linking me up with the VIC office of the firm. I would definitely recommend him.

    Pari Pathak

    Senior Mechanical Engineer , LCI Consultants

  • Mark Agius
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    ​Jack is a switched on recruiter with a great network in our industry. I would recommend anyone looking for a new career to speak with Jack.

    Mark Agius

    Director , Intelle Building Services

  • Zoe Wu
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    ​Jack did a great job for me. Fast response, professional and great communication. Well done and thanks!

    Zoe Wu

    Senior Hydraulic and Fire Engineer , Arup

  • Andy Kelsey
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    ​Jack worked hard to achieve a great outcome for us, a pleasure to deal with

    Andy Kelsey

    Director - Workplace Technology , Aston Consulting

  • Mark Molloy
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    ​I have been working with Jack for several years and have found him to be professional, friendly and always happy to have a laugh. Jack is not your typical recruiter who is all about the placement fee. He is knowledgeable within the industry and takes the time to get to know you and your business so he can provide the best possible candidates. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jack for all recruitment needs.

    Mark Molloy

    Managing Director , JN Consulting Engineers

  • Steven Coyle
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    Jack has a clear understanding of the AEC industry in Australia, and is closely connected with clients, consultants and contractors to understand roles and requirements for our infrastructure projects. Jack successfully recruited a Senior Digital Engineering Lead within Arcadis that was completing a contract in the Middle East, and is the perfect fit for our business.

    Steven Coyle

    Regional Digital Engineering Lead , Arcadis

  • Jose Paolo Refugia
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    ​Jack is very helpful and professional in delivering quality service from recruitment to employment. He assisted me in every step and was able to highlight my skills that landed me the job. I highly recommend Jack because he provides the best advices, understands the job requirements, and knows the culture of the company. Thank you Jack! Thank you Connexus!

    Jose Paolo Refugia

    Hydraulic Design Engineer , IGS

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    ​Jack is professional and act on my best interest to get the perfect opportunity. Could not say enough thanks

    Yongping Zhang

    Hydraulic Engineer , Stantec

  • Adarash Dhar
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    ​I have found Jack to be a very patient and professional recruiter who will not rush you into a position and make sure that you are the right candidate. Highly recommended for both employers and candidates.

    Adarash Dhar

    Associate Mechanical Engineer and Package Lead , WSP

  • Neil Shepherd
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    ​I have known Jack for a number of years; his honesty, integrity and loyalty to his clients and candidates is impeccable. He takes the time to understand our business and match the right candidates, and I have no hesitation in recommending Jack.

    Neil Shepherd

    Managing Director , Nutbrook Engineering Group

  • David Clarke
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    It was easy to relate to and work with Jack. I met Jack a few years ago, where Jack sourced a new candidate for my team. He asked great clarifying questions to understand exactly what type of candidate I needed and from what background. Jack was personable and experienced in the building services sector, providing his knowledge of recent activities in the sector. I would recommend Jack for any business trying to build the right team and to attract the right talent.

    David Clarke

    Engineering Manager , University of Sydney

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    Jack is amazing all-round - highly recommended

    Tom Price

    Director , Aston Consulting

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    I would just like to say how enlightening and a pleasure it was to work with Jack. His understanding of what was required and the professionalism he applied in achieving a successful outcome was outstanding. The bench mark was set high and with the onset of COVID-19 the task only became more difficult. Jack delivered on all fronts and exceeded the briefI would highly recommend anyone who is looking to further their career to utilise Jack who knows the industry well, has great contacts and who knows how to deliver on all counts

    Gavin Laskey

    Associate Electrical Engineer , Integral Group

  • Jittu George
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    I was really comfortable working with Jack. He is really persistent and hard working. He understands his clients really well and puts forward the most suitable options. I'd highly recommend Jack for his motivating, enthusiastic and hard working nature.

    Jittu George

    Senior Engineer , Stantec

  • Jason Smith
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    ​Jack's efforts and delivery of information on each prospective employer was exemplary. Rather than just rely on a phone call or a physical meeting, he also delivered a well detailed report that helped immensely; above and beyond any other recruiter I've worked with. I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future

    Jason Smith

    Fire Protection Engineer , JHA Consulting Engineers

  • Enrico Calzavara
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    ​Jack is one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with! Apart from finding exactly the position I was looking for, he followed my application up very closely, always pending to provide me periodically with updates and chasing extra information I was requesting. Always proactive and with a positive attitude. He made all the recruiting process and interviewing pain looking like sipping a glass of water! Great relationship also with the client (company), not only with the (future) employee!

    Enrico Calzavara

    Digital Project Manager - Cross River Rail , Willow

  • Francis Huang
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    Jack is one of a kind. I've had dealings with many recruiters in the past and none of them have the same mentality as Jack. Someone who would take their time out to understand your requirements, and follow up even if there wasn't an opportunity just to see how you're going. Keeping the relationship strong. I've worked with Jack on both sides of the fence, looking for new opportunities and finding the right candidates. He would listen to you, and be upfront with regards to the company or candidate, seeing the opportunity from our point of view rather than as a "recruiter". I would highly recommend Jack if you're looking for new opportunities or looking for a bright candidate.

    Francis Huang

    Senior Electrical Consultant , S4B Studio